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We Manufacture & Install Automated Gates, from top Quality Materials.

Here at Artscroll we aim to manufacture and Install Automatic Gates to enhance the view of your property and also increase security, with the additional benefit of adding value to your home. We supply Automated Gates to both commercial and Residential Properties. We offer a variety of Automatic Gates from Wrought Iron to Timber Infill Gates. Automated Gates can be single leaf, opening Gates or Sliding Gates although Swing Gates are our most popular option this doesn’t work for everyone, Sliding Gates can work for customers with limited driveway space, uneven or slopping ground conditions. Our free no obligation quotes offer our surveyor’s expert advice on site and we are here to help you decide the Style of Gate which is best suited to you and your requirements. We can install Automation to New and Existing Gates, we can even offer a Shotblasting and Re-Powder Coating service to Existing Gates to get them looking back to new standards and add Automation if required.

All our Automated Gates are Heavy Duty and are custom made in our Factory to suit our Customers requirements, and we have a range of products and designs to suit most customers to give the securability that home owners and commercial customers are looking for.

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When you require extra security with a strong and striking ability against criminals our Automated Gates cannot be bettered. We can offer 2 types of Intercom Systems, this gives speech between visitor and householder, this is the most effective way to manage who enters and exits your property. Firstly our Daitem wireless audio intercom system which is complete with a keypad which will only allow you entry to your property with a unique code set by yourselves, also we can offer a GSM Intercom which allows you to call the Gate from your mobile and the Gate to call your mobile wherever you are in the world. This can also however have different numbers programmed so any of those programmed numbers can call the Gate to open; this allows the Gate to be extremely popular for Residential Customers with shared driveways and also commercial properties like Business’s with private car parks.

We also offer 24-hour timers which is the opening and closing of the gates which can be controlled by a time clock. You can set the times you want to let people in or keep them out. If you’re at work this is extra security that the gates are closed all day until you return home so you are in control of who can enter your property and also sets your mind to rest knowing there’s extra security during the time you’re away from your property by the press of a button with the time clock. One of the easiest ways to open your gates when you’re at your driveway in your car is our Radio Remote Control which are hand held transmitters which enables you to open/close the gates from inside your car, or if you’re standing outside or inside your gates and you would like to gain or exit the premises on foot instead of using the Digital Keypad.

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